A comic book story of Elie & Ralph’s adventure todiscover what makes the immune system so important

The European Paediatric Association, Union of National European Societies and Associations (EPA-UNEPSA) is proud to be the editor of this comic book that uses an innovative way to provide a general understanding of the immune system, its cells and the role they play in fighting infections and other diseases to parents and children.

This comic supports the aim of EPA-UNEPSA to raise children's awareness of nutrition and promote the importance of a healthy diet to support the immune system. EPA-UNEPSA believes that society should be concerned with, and strongly committed to, properly developing the minds, bodies and spirits of

children by ensuring that they are provided with adequate nutrition. However, an adequate supply of food does not automatically mean adequate quality and levels of nutrition. This is why “good” and well-balanced nutrition should be emphasised as a key factor in growth, development and health, as well as in prevention, control and treatment of diseases.

Produced by the EPA/UNEPSA with the collaboration of an expert committee. Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Danone.